I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at ASHC. The support and guidance available is incredible. I have learnt so much and felt so calm, energised and capable this whole time. I have learnt so much valuable information and I look forward to teaching and sharing this with my own clients! I also can’t wait to further my studies with ASHC! I appreciate the work you all do so much!


The level of support was amazing and the weekly lives helped me so much! Madelaine is beautiful, such a wise soul and has so much knowledge. I’m so grateful to have come across this course! It sounds cliché – but it has honestly changed my life!


I feel now is a great time to say a big thank you to Madelaine and Lenore and the ASHC team for your consistent nurturing support and love. ASHC is such a special School. I have thoroughly enjoyed every step of my journey and I only have the upmost praise.

– Maria

If you are looking for value in life, something to bring you purpose. If you have ever looked at another human being and wanted to help them, and felt so good for doing so. This course changed my life, the way I look at the world, my self and my body. I couldn’t find the right therapist, so I became one. Through the support here, the understanding and the easy to follow feel good information you learn, best choice and easiest choice I’ve ever made.


The knowledge I have gained from doing this Holistic Counselling course with Madeline is incredible, it is so empowering and informative, there is nothing that can compare to this being offered in Australia. 
I am now in the position to help many people improve the quality of their lives, forever. I will be forever grateful as I continue to be rewarded myself also each time I get the opportunity to watch my students/clients develop over and over again and find the happiness within themselves. 

– Jess

I feel like I have learned more than I could have possibly imagined. I have been constantly inspired and motivated to not only work on myself, but build a brand to go forth with to share all my knowledge. The self-discovery has been immeasurable and it fills me with gratitude to think about how much more I can to learn, grow and share. 

– Alexandra

What I have gained from this experience is invaluable. It is so much deeper than I ever imagined. I was completely blown away that the energy there was at every weekend we had as a group for the certificate. I’ll always be grateful for exploring this area and empowering myself with the knowledge I have learnt from this course.  


Being involved  with ASHC has been a wonderful experience that has taught me a great many things which will enrich and enlighten my life’s journey for self help and healing and most of all to be able to facilitate the healing journey for other people who come my way . I am very happy to have found this in my path and will treat all the information with great respect and appreciation. Many heartfelt thanks to Madelaine for her kindness and her knowledge that she shared throughout that time. 

– Kim

I have gained so much more than a new career from his course. I have gained self-confidence, a calmer and more positive mindset, myself and my family have gained a calmer and happier home life. The benefits are endless. It has taken some soul searching but I finally feel like I have found ME. I know what I want out of life now and it is empowering to feel this way.


The ASHC was there every step of the way. The support was phenomenal. The course material was so inspiring and informative and gave you all the tools to start a great practice. From the very start going into the meditation subjects I was feeling so much calmer and full of energy from practicing the meditation techniques. The weekly online talks by Madelaine were mind blowing and left you feeling positive and excited about starting a new career. The staff at ASHC you can’t fault them with there inspiring feedback on each completed module. It is well worth the money and what you get you would pay much more elsewhere. I give them 11/10. I can’t wait to go onto the masters next year. 

– John

I have really enjoyed studying this course and have taken on board a lot of information. It has made me focus on my niche and my forecast as well as a formal business plan which has been in my head and ‘unattainable’ for so long. Now that I have had to think about all the elements involved, it feels more real and achievable. The certificate course has been really easy to learn and follow. I also appreciated being challenged and doing deep dives into exercises I wouldn’t have naturally spent the time getting to know better. Thank you Madelaine for the support and the FB Lives. They are definitely worth the time as there are consistently little gems to be taken away from them.

– Lorella

I know we can sometimes say so easily that something is life changing but this course truly has been for me. I have undergone more personal development in the last few months as I have in years. This course is a chance to create not only the life and career you want but to create the person you truly are and want to be. This course has shown me that I am the creator of my life . This is something I have never really been told and it is the most precious piece of information that I have always needed. 

– Lucy

This course has allowed me to reconnect and reignite my passion for teaching, healing and meditation. It gave me ways to retrain those muscles and gain the confidence that was dormant for so long. I know this is only the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more to learn; that in itself is thrilling! I am so happy to be taking this Journey.

– Siuling

This course has opened doors within myself and my life that I had only ever dreamed on. The level of self reflect and self work you embark on during this journey sets you up for so many insights and realisations. The course material is in depth but easy to understand and you are supported every step of the way. I would highly recommend this course to everyone – even if just for self development! This course has opened doors within myself and my life that I had only ever dreamed on. The level of self reflect and self work you embark on during this journey sets you up for so many insights and realisations.  The course material is in depth but easy to understand and you are supported every step of the way. 
I would highly recommend this course to everyone – even if just for self development!

– Alex

I am grateful for this course to assist on the path I have chosen for my career. To give me the tools and perspectives that will set me up for a lengthy career. I am also grateful for the personal growth experienced through this course, which was an unexpected bonus.


The Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development through the ASHC was a very enjoyable and extremely informative twelve weeks. The course information is easy to understand and the support offered throughout was incredible. I would highly recommend completing this course for anyone wanting to study in this field or wanting to start working on improving their own life. 

– Sara

This has surpassed my expectations. I was originally considering a change in career after my own personal battle with burn out, stress and illness but got so much more than I could have ever imagined. On top of the comprehensive guides and learning it was the growth in my own personal practice and the focus placed on this that caused me to grow exponentially particularly in the area of meditation, which I thought I was alright at before I began but really had my eyes opened to how meditation practices can change and improve your life, wellbeing and mindset. I feel more knowledgeable in the styles and techniques of meditation and how to effectively work with clients to share this knowledge. It is the same with chair yoga. Prior to beginning I had no idea what char yoga was and now I am practicing it regularly and from the comprehensive learning understand the benefits these postures have on our health and wellbeing. Learning about holistic counselling I believe has provided me with lifelong skills which I will be able to apply in life. My confidence has grown throughout the course and I feel equipped with the tools and skills necessary to undertake sessions of holistic counselling. Overall it has been a wonderful, educative and empowering experience.

– Belinda

Words cannot describe the amazing personal & professional growth you will receive completing your chosen course with Australian School of Holistic Counselling.

– Nic

 The team of amazing supportive mentors and facilitators back you completely all the way, instilling confidence and knowledge to feel empowered and ready to utilise the skills learned in your studies so that you can benefit greatly from them in any endeavours and development you may take into the future. 

– Paul

If you are sitting on the fence about doing this course I would seriously encourage you to sign yourself up and prepare to be amazed. 
I just recently completed the certificate and the course taught me so much about myself. Madelaine is professional, full of science based information and I felt totally inspired by her teaching skills. 
Thank you ASHC!

– Emily

This course has helped me lean in even further on my self-development journey. I have been able to gain an even clearer understanding of myself and my purpose. I have learnt so many practical tools on how I can help others as well as great advise on how to set up my business. 
I have gained so so much from this certificate and I am so excited to start my diploma!

– Jessica

The process of understanding stress and how to manage it, combined with the positive psychology, the different tools and the holistic counselling guidelines helped me to have a deeper and powerful approach when working with my clients. The knowledge gained in this course gave a solid foundation to manage my sessions, working with a structure as well as following the ‘momentum’. As a meditation practitioner I developed so many skills learning different styles of meditation, working with groups and managing the classes. Not even mentioning the personal growth and self-development when applying the skills on everyday basis. A must not only for practitioners, but for everyone interested in self-growth.

– Angela

I started this course expecting to gain information and skills related to holistic counselling, but I gained so much more! Not only was the information about meditation and holistic human development thorough and interesting, the course also provided the tools needed to build a business from the ground up.

The information was real, practical and implementable. Whether you want to build a business based on a single revenue stream or a multiple revenue stream this course provides you the skills and tools necessary to be the best you can be in your chosen meditation and human development field and will set you apart from all the others. The course location was easy to find and with free parking it made the drive to Gosford worthwhile. I gained so much from the face to face delivery of this course and from my teacher Madelaine. The friendships formed in class were amazing. It was great to see that even though we were all students of the same course, the desires for our business path were diverse and varied.
I am grateful I was allocated a place in this course and highly recommend it to anyone who is the helping industries. 

– Nicole

Starting out as a beginner I felt quite out of my depth, however, the more I threw myself into the content I started to enjoy the challenges and my new lifestyle. 
Firstly, we looked at meditation and stress – this has given me the knowledge of what stress is and ways of how to deal with it, to notice when it is happening and how to stop it. Meditation has given me a new outlook on life and now I can see that the responsibility is completely up to the individual and how we live our lives. Learning meditation is an awesome way to free the mind, when this happens your thoughts are clearer and it is easier to make great decisions.  I know so many people think of meditation as religious, spiritual or a voodoo of some sort, I guess I did before I discovered the positive benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

– Gail

I have learnt a lot of very valuable information to make myself feel better and look at life in a more positive way.  I know now, every individual has the power to change their belief systems and can create their dream life.
The course has been life changing in a very positive way and I feel I have gained great tools to help myself, and others, feel better.
I feel I have more confidence within myself and have greater knowledge in how our bodies and brain work together. 

I definitely think everyone should invest time in themselves and do this course! Our planet would be a happier place for it!

– Ingrid

The holistic counselling course is a great first step in both a fulfilling career and life in the wellness industry.
I feel I have gained so much more than I anticipated. I use the learnt techniques in the course which help me and my journey with holistic health and wellness. 

– Melissa

I have previous experience with meditating, yoga and studies in psychology. This training course has been really great for me in terms of creating more of a scientific basis and understanding of mediation and its processes & benefits. I’ve also really enjoyed and benefited from approaching the development of counselling skills from a holistic perspective as this aligns with both my personal experiences and beliefs. 

– Rebecca

I feel I have gained a really solid understanding and can provide evidence for the benefits of meditation that I may not have been aware of before. I really think that the course is much more experiential than other courses in that you are very much encouraged to practice and give feedback every step of the way. I have gained not only the knowledge and understating of the practices of meditation, yoga and counselling, but I have felt the benefits myself. This is really a way of life and not just a course one does and then moves on. This course really is so well put together as it draws on the scientific research which is so revealing and clear and has measured the responses in our brains and bodies so it helps to bring it out of a mysterious practice into one that can be recommended for everyone, both young and old, to gain better health, and to understand the mind, body and spirit connection. The fact that I can now move forward using these tools that the course has given me, and not only help others but to deepen my own awareness and personal growth and share this knowledge by having a career as a Meditation Teacher or a holistic counsellor is very satisfying.  I can use these tools already in my line of work, but I really feel motivated to branch out and run my own classes and I feel so excited and grateful to be able to do this. 

– Annie

Working through the Certificate course has given me so much insight and knowledge into Holistic health.
Not only has this course shaped who I want to be as a Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor, it has shaped me in to finding my true self and the journey I am on to being the person I have always known myself to be. I have learnt lifelong lessons, I have learnt lifelong coping skills, I have learnt that mind set is everything. I have learnt that your mind is so powerful, and you need to show up every day and work. By strengthening your mind, everything else will follow. Your spiritual health, your emotional health, your physical health, it is all connected to your mind. You have the power to live the life you have always dreamed about; you have the power to be whoever it is you dream to be. I am so thrilled to know that I will be able to share this knowledge and this power to change peoples lives for the better. I am so appreciative of this course and I am even more excited to continue learning more on  my journey with Australian College of Holistic Counselling. 

– Amy

I was able to gain practical information on how to establish a meditation teaching business. Reinforcing the importance of the breath and relaxation response. Learning chair yoga is a great complement to teaching meditation. This course provided plenty of options for the tool kit so tha we can better attend to our clients needs.

– Elina

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