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 “Resource Therapists accept that the personality is composed of parts. Clients come to therapists because they are unhappy with their behaviour or feelings. Most non-RT therapists attempt to work with the complaining personality part. RT therapists work directly with the personality part that behaves or feels in a way that is upsetting to the client to ensure that the cause is directly addressed”. Dr Gordon Emmerson, Ph.D.

Resource Therapy will offer you cutting-edge techniques to help support clients with Anxiety and Depression; Addictions; Fears and Phobias; Grief and Loss; Anger Issues; Trauma/PTSD, and Eating Disorders.

Stand Out From Other Therapists by Adding This Powerful and Effective Therapy to Your ToolBox

Resource Therapy will provide advanced tools and techniques to quickly and effectively help your clients resolve their issues.

If you work with people experiencing Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, OCD, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Internal conflict, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Anger, Personality or Relationship issues, this workshop is for you. Resource Therapy will provide advanced tools and techniques to quickly and effectively help your clients resolve their issues.


During the Foundation weekend training, you will gain the following information, as well as receive your Foundation Certificate in Resource Therapy:

  • Brief History of Resource Therapy
  • Nature of Resource States and their formation
  • The Neurophysiology and Development of Resources
  • Conscious and Unconscious states- The Executive State, Surface and Underlying States
  • The Resource Conditions – Normal, Vaded, Retro, Conflicted and Dissonant states
  • How to introduce Resource State Therapy to your client
  • How to access Resource States – Vivify and Bridging techniques
  • Learn how to work with and gain confidence in communicating with the various States
  • State negotiation – learn ways to address and negotiate between the different Resource States
  • Types of questions to ask and note taking
  • How to use two chair technique when working with conflicted states
  • How to target the client’s outcomes by specifically working with their unwanted feelings, behaviours and inner conflicts
  • How to empower your clients with their preferred Resources making sure they are available to them.
  • You will also gain valuable techniques for dealing with reluctant clients and difficult or resistant Resource States.


Resource Therapy is an Accredited training through RTI Association and PACFA – Professional Development Points with AHA & PACFA


Foundation Certificate – The 2-day Foundation training is a prerequisite for the ongoing additional eight days of training to become a Clinical Resource Therapist. 

Two days (the Foundation Certificate will provide you with the skill set and techniques to start applying Resource Therapy with your clients, however, to become a fully qualified Clinical Resource Therapist, further training hours are required)


Tamika Dwight-Scott.
Tamika is a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Resource Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Supervisor and Group Facilitator with many years of experience in supporting survivors of childhood abuse, trauma, grief and loss, hardship and illness. She therefore recognises and fully comprehends the complexities that stem from such life challenges and how these can be overcome. 

Masters Gestalt (GTS), Grad Dip Counselling (ACAP), Adv Dip Gestalt Psychotherapy (TGI) , Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy (HTA), Resource Therapist (RTI), Cert IV Training and Assessment. 



(2-day foundation certificate prerequisite)

This advanced training is structured over 8 days and includes presentation, discussiondemonstrations, and lots of opportunity to practice in order to prepare therapists to work with Resource States. 

Resource Therapy will allow you to respond directly to the personality part that holds the problem.  Whereas other therapies allow the patient to speak throughout therapy from an  intellectual, talkative, personality part that is not directly related to the presenting issue.  Because Resource Therapy attends directly to the personality part that is pathological it is quick and lasting.

Participants also gain supervision by way of group and immediate feedback on any work they do as part of the training. This allows you to increase your confidence as well as hone and improve techniques.


The advanced training offers revision of the Foundation training as well as teaching you ​ techniques and learning criteria to diagnose the presenting issue. 

The Clinical Training includes specific Resource techniques to help your clients deal with a range of presentations, such as:

Addictions: gambling, drugs, workaholics, obsessive compulsive disorder, and others.

  • Depression
  • Panic disorder and PTSD
  • Couples counselling: Relationship issues
  • Complicated Bereavement: Working with grief and loss, past loss and future loss
  • Eating Disorders (Emotional eating, Anorexia and Bulimia) 
  • Psychosomatic Physiology
  • Pain Control
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Anorexia and Bulimia
  • Anger issues

Promoting Self Awareness and Knowledge of Strengths (self-esteem) the advanced clinical training gets specific around all aspects of working in your business and with your client who is struggling with challenges and unhealthy coping strategies. 

The training also includes advanced training skills that will help you work more effectively with Resources:

  • Helping Resources keep their purpose to help but learn to accomplish that purpose in a way that is helpful to the client.
  • Resource assessment: assessing the problem, not the person, to know which direction to take in therapy.
  •  Practice issues, getting clients, referrals.
  • Supporting skills and ethical considerations.
  • The value and practice of advanced listening.  
  • Learning to make sure the client’s central problem is the focus.

The Clinical Training includes information to understand the formation and nature of Resources, how they interact with the personality, and how best to bring them to the surface and communicate with them to affect change.

The Clinical Training in Resource Therapy is designed and presented to meet your needs. That is, the presentation will be delivered in a flexible way and paced in accordance with the needs of the group. 

Advanced Clinical Resource Therapy training – a further 8 days of training is required to become a qualified Resource Therapist. This training can be over 4 x 2 days (weekends) or 2 x 4 days. 

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