Discovering Balance and Success: Embracing the Lagom Philosophy in Well-being Practice

At The Australian School of Holistic Counselling, we hold the belief that success in any realm springs from a harmonious blend of passion, purpose, and pragmatism. As champions of holistic development, we are thrilled to introduce you to a transformative concept that has the potential to elevate your well-being practice to new heights – the Lagom philosophy.

The Lagom Way: Striking Equilibrium in a Rapidly Changing World

In an era marked by extremes, the Swedish philosophy of Lagom presents a refreshing outlook. Translating to “just the right amount,” Lagom encapsulates the art of balance and moderation. This principle resonates deeply with our pursuit of well-being, guiding us to find equilibrium between our aspirations and the realities we navigate.

Navigating the Unique Challenges of the Well-being Industry

For those dedicated to the well-being industry, the journey is both inspiring and demanding. The aspiration to positively impact lives often intertwines with the imperative of financial sustainability. This intricate balancing act can sometimes feel daunting, and it is here that Lagom emerges as a valuable guiding star.

Lagom in Well-being: An Empowering Approach

At its essence, the Lagom philosophy empowers practitioners to strike a harmonious chord between their altruistic ambitions and the pragmatic aspects of their practice. It is a gentle reminder that seeking financial stability need not stand in opposition to making a difference; rather, they are interdependent. Lagom steers us to deliver precisely the right value to our clients, charge equitably for our expertise, and chart a sustainable course to perpetuate our vital work.

Embarking on the Lagom Journey: Seven Steps to Balance

Embarking on the Lagom journey within your well-being practice entails traversing seven pivotal steps:

  1. Define Your Vision: Craft a Lagom-infused vision for your practice, pondering how to bestow optimal value upon your clients while nurturing your own well-being.
  2. Power of Purposeful Profit: Recognise that profit serves as a conduit to sustain your mission and amplify your impact.
  3. Customer-Centric Approach: Prioritise personalised solutions that yield precisely the right outcomes for your clients.
  4. Nurturing Collaborations: Collaborate with peers to expand your reach and effectively cater to diverse needs.
  5. Balancing Self-Care and Service: Foster a sustainable equilibrium between your work and personal well-being to provide quality care without succumbing to burnout.
  6. Celebrating Transformations: Acknowledge the positive metamorphoses you facilitate in people’s lives.
  7. Continuously Pursue Balance: Regularly evaluate your practices to maintain the equilibrium between your impact and stability.

Embrace the Lagom Philosophy Today

Are you ready to unlock the potential of Lagom within your well-being practice? Discover how this philosophy can revolutionise your approach and guide you towards sustainable success. To delve deeper into the Lagom philosophy and its transformative influence, we cordially invite you to read our comprehensive article, “Building a Thriving Practise: The Lagom Way.” This article reveals practical insights, actionable steps, and real-world instances that vividly illustrate how Lagom can shape your odyssey within the well-being industry.

To read the full article, click HERE.

At The Australian School of Holistic Counselling, we are unwavering in our commitment to nurturing your growth as a well-being practitioner. Embrace Lagom and embark on a voyage towards balanced success that enriches your practice while transforming lives.

Written By Madelaine Vallin, ASHC Founder.

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