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Mindfulness vs Meditation – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between mindfulness practices and meditation? Mindfulness and meditation, often used interchangeably, are distinct practices with unique approaches to achieving inner peace and heightened awareness. In this exploration, we delve into the essence of meditation and mindfulness, demystifying their differences and uncovering their individual benefits. Meditation: Focused Attention vs. Read More

What is a HEArts² Practitioner?

HEArts² Practitioners specialise in providing non-clinical therapeutic services and typically work in non-clinical settings. Their approach to therapy is rooted in the principles of holistic healing and personal growth, focusing on the well-being of individuals rather than clinical diagnosis and treatment. These practitioners often work in settings such as wellness centres, holistic retreats, community organisations, Read More

Soothing the Amygdala

-Is the Amygdala Your Gateway To Wellbeing? If you are doing some research on the Amygdala, You will soon realise that most studies about it are in relation to the fight or flight or stress response within our bodies. Sure, the Amygdala plays a big role in the activation of the fight or flight response Read More

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